A Man of Girth

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Scott Rockwood, founder of Perzist. That’s me in the picture. And you’re right, I don’t look like the prototypical cyclist. As a man of girth (I prefer that to fat guy) I could rarely find a jersey that fit. So, I decided to design my own jerseys, have them manufactured and share them with others. This is how Perzist came to be. This first 18 months of online sales has been a fun ride. The down side ─ I’ve been so busy getting things launched, I haven’t been on my bike very much. I plan to fix that in 2017. I hope to see you out there.
About the photo: This was taken last fall about a mile from my home in downtown Holladay, Utah. I’m wearing the Squares & Stripes jersey in size 2XL.