When I was many years younger, I was skinny. I wasn’t a cyclist back then, but I was into other sports. At the time, it never even occurred to me that some people had a hard time finding clothes that fit.

But after years at a desk job, weekends spent herding kids, my wife’s great cooking and the effects of genetics from my mom’s side, I’ve gained a whole new body shape, along with a new perspective on clothes.

When I started cycling, I quickly discovered that jersey manufacturers rarely made anything that fit a guy like me. So, I found myself buying any jersey I could squeeze into, regardless of whether I actually liked the design. (The issue of design might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. I am a designer by trade.)

In the fall of 2014 I decided to start a cycling apparel business focused on stylish jerseys for larger men. This was the birth of the Perzist brand. I’ve collaborated with clothing designers, pattern makers and manufacturers to develop a line of cycling apparel aimed at two groups of cyclists:

1) Men, like me, for whom age, genetics and lifestyle has added a little extra girth to our mid section.

2) Tall men for whom it’s hard to find jerseys cut comfortably long.

I hope you find something here you like. Have a great ride.